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was such a tree hugging- environmentalist- hippie today. Woke up, hammered some more nails. (made a picture frame au naturel with twigs and wood) spend quite a bit of time rolling around in the mud (nouveau sport-du-jour) in my dear papa's old lumberjack jacket. also found out he has another one in red. yes. i am quite fond of wearing mi parentes old clothes that i find in my actic. and my brother's old clothes. everybody's old clothes. i now hate the scent of freshly store bought clothing, espesh. from a mall. if any of u peeps have any old clothes you hate with a passion, i will gladly accept. As they say, one man's treasure is another man's trash. or however the saying goes. can't remember exactly. Tomoroow i will have naturally reverted to the regular non environmentalist i like the modern world self. but i'll still like old clothes. yes. that is my story.

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