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Nikki L.

Da, da, da. I have nothing to do after finishing studying for my math test during my free period. Next period's a free one as well. >_>; It gets boring after a while, almost enough for me to wish I had French class or something. Almost.

I finally got the Corpse Bride trailer to work on the school computers and watched it. I've been waiting for this movie more than just a few months. I can't wait to see it when it comes out.

So, yes, there has been some more friend to friend drama down here. I've noticed that quite a few girls are...catty in a bad way? The point is that there is way too much drama between friendships, enough to make me gag. I don't think we really had any dramas in Toronto? I don't ever remember getting in fights with any of my friends, except for Laura and Jenny...once (>_<; I'm sorry, Jenny!). A few other traits would be self-centeredness, if that's a word. Well, not self-centeredness...maybe along the line of narrow-minded and ignorant. Well, let's just say many are...unaware about any other countries and cultures.

Lots of controversial arguments have happened with the people I usually stick to in Atlanta. Things such as the Terry Schiavo case and the wedding between Prince Charles and Camille are brought up through e-mail, continuing into strong discussion through e-mail and then evolving into personal flame attacks (ie: calling the blonde girl a ditz and bimbo because she never does her homework on time).

Ack, gotta go before someone sees this. I don't want to cause any additional problems.
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