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ok... so today, a homeless guy sat next to me in the subway, and i felt really awkward, because i was wearing a skirt... and the hobo was talking to a random guy and asked him if was scottish... then he started talking to me. he kept on saying "kennedy" so i said "the station?" (btw, is kennedy a subway station?). well, anyway, he nodded or something, and so i said "well, the next station is lawrence, but i don't know where kennedy is..." ... and then he kept on muttering at me, and staring blankly... like a lost dog or something. i wasn't scared, just uncomfortable (he sort of smelled really bad, and his coat was ON me). then it was my stop, so i left. it's kinda sad... he maybe has a mental illness or something... or maybe he was high... either way, it sucks for him.

yeah... we did our math exam and it was ok... but i didn't feel very good after i finished b/c i knew i had made a couple of mistakes. oh well.

we had lunch outside cause it was really nice, but there were so many ppl!!! i guess when they open the field in the back it will get better... i hope so.

hehe... i find this very funny for some reason... almost as funny as this:

hm...hm... enough for today...
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