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there's blood on the rise, it's following me

"God is dead. Hell is other people."
- Friedrich Nietzsche

yesterday i discussed religion with my mom, and it was very interesting, because we're both atheists/agnostic, but my mom used to be a devout christian... i mean, she wanted to be a nun when she was younger... and i was named after a saint...

yeah, i haven't been posting lately, because of this shit-tacular week that consisted of brevet blanc, science test, spanish test, and THE LONG WEEKEND!!!! woohoo!!!! i wish i had brought my sketchbook home though, because then i could finish it (aka the mosaic) while i still have time.

NOTE TO ALL OF YOU: Listen to "my wild love" by the doors. DO IT.

in the bus yesterday, olivia and i discussed how to make words jump out at you on the page, and we have concluded that it requires a very heavy sans serif font, in capital letters, bold face and underlined (optional). we have conlcuded that italics somewhat soften the text, therefore lessening the effect of the words. i think the people on the bus thought we were really weird. nothing new.
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