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howdy chilluns!

i've realized that too many fruitsations make you fat. really. my mom and i have both gained weight since we started buying four packs a week. the funny thing is that i didn't notice... my mom just told me... i don't even know how much i weigh... i don't even have a scale at my house. yeah. awesome.

anyway, on the weekend i saw this german movie about the last days of hitler called "downfall"... kind of long, but very moving... i would definately recommend it, unless you're not into seeing lots of people commit suicide, a woman poisonsing all of her children and people's legs being cut off with a saw. it was a good shift in perspective, because usually in WW2 movies, it's always about the allies and how they won... but this one was about the germans and how they lost. yeah. i'll bet you anything masson has seen it.

woohoo! chocolate for life!!!
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