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i open my mouth

so, i haven't posted in a while... today i discovered a new level of people's selfishness / self-centeredness... yeah, that's not so cool. i know it sounds like i'm being completely negative, but i'm just pointing out that people have different facets to their personalities, and some of them aren't too perty. yes, they are round characters. dynamic too. eat my english-short-story-analysis dust.

it was just daniel and me on the subway today, and we didn't argue or anything... that's cool. we discussed vibrators... actually, no: he discussed vibrators while i pretended to not know who he was. then we talked about how he needed a water bra for his part in the cinderella play. he denied that he liked dana. i laughed at him. he talked like a playa. i laughed at him again. oh, and i dissed octavian on the bus... actually, i dis him a lot... not because i hate him or anything... he's just fun to dis... and i don't think he takes it seriously... he doesn't cry at night because of the things i say to him. in the prophetic words of james: "i was just joshin'". wow. i actually quoted james.

i'm listening to greek music right now. it's really good... i mean, the lyrics are beautiful, cause they were written by a guy who got the nobel literature prize (in 1963?). anyway, i'm so grateful to my greek teacher for introducing me to this music because it's really inspiring...


that's the poet who wrote the lyrics to the songs i'm listening to

for some reason, i'm into kids crying with santa... maybe because i did. btw, does this santa look sort of evil to you?


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