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the sky was adorned with little yellow fiends

the word of today is "blarney". it means nonsense. why do you bother me with such frivolous blarney?

the word of yesterday was "librate". it means to quiver, or to oscillate as if on a balance beam. the delicate twig librated in the wind, while its mother branch stood unbothered, immobile.

the word of tomorrow will be "uncertainty". because no one can be certain of what is to come in the future.

the bread of freedom has the taste of
baked ripe in the radiant sun
for the bread of freedom is
the food of miracles
the fuel of hope
the fruit of devotion
to one cause
one hungry dream

yeah, that got me thinking of people who are devoted to their beliefs and values. i think there are more examples of those people in the past... i just feel like the world is apathetic to everything. it seems that the only thing people can talk about lately is what dress they'd like to buy, or what level they beat in a video game, or what happened on the oc last thursday.

on a happier thought:
it was really nice outside today. however, my jacket didn't fit in my bag, so i was boiling while walking home. There was a guy playing a sitar at yonge and eglinton station which was cool. i can't wait for olivia to call about the classics conference. i'm sure those crazy roman lovers took part in some sort of fiasco.

you know what's a good word?


i'm listening to "tooth consumer society" and the first words are "when will my tooth fall out?", sung by rebeccah, and i thought, "today in history class". congratulations, rebeccah. you have lost your tooth. your last one. you are now walking away from the bright blue beach ball towards a maze of decisions. good luck with that.
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